Ngāti Hinemanu me Ngāti Paki Heritage Trust Hapu Registration Form

All persons 18 years and over need to fill in their own form.

Why Register

  • To Develop a Claimants Data Base
  • To build the hapu whakapapa data base
  • To assist the hapu in communicating with you

Membership Classes

  • Tangata Whenua – where you whakapapa to Ngati Paki and/or Ngati Hinemanu

Privacy of Information

The information supplied is confidential within the terms of the Privacy Act 1993, and for the lawful use of Ngati Paki and Ngati Hinemanu hapu. A person may request their own personal information.

PDF If you prefer to print out a registration form and mail it to us then use this form: Click Here.

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